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Telephone Interconnect

The SMC Gateway Teleconnect connects your digital radio system to any available telephone connection, whether this is GSM, VOIP or PSTN. Further options include one-touch emergency handling including GPS location tracking. Teleconnect is one of many interconnected applications common to the SMC Gateway, which work together to provide flexible custom solutions. Features ... Read More
February 6, 2017admin
How to setup the Gateway to work with Hytera's Telephone InterconnectThe SMC Gateway can work with Hytera repeaters, and allow the radio system to interact with VOIP phones and PABX’s. There are many options you can use when setting up the telephony system within the Gateway, below is a guide on ... Read More
January 16, 2017admin

Hytera DMR Radios

The gateway supports Hytera DMR Tier II radio systems, using a direct connection to a MD655 fixed radio, and via a LAN/IP connection to a repeater for telephone interconnect. The following features are supported via the direct connection to the MD655 radio: Text messaging ... Read More
December 21, 2016admin


The Original Gateway Develop Task Wifi Buttons
December 7, 2016admin

Firmware V1.0.46 BETA

New location “distance” node, and ability to change the telephone interconnect sound file. New features “distance” node to calculate the distance between two given locations Ability to change the telephone interconnect introduction message Bug Fixes Minor cosmetic fixes Known issues Motorola USB connection sometimes dropping out briefly on older firmware radios (V2.0) ... Read More
February 19, 2016admin

Alarm Handler

The SMC Gateway Alarm Handler connects to any alarm system, be it fire, intruder, nurse call or other system via RS232/hard wired input, enabling communication to digital radio networks, SMS messaging and email. Alarm Handler is one of the many interconnected applications common to the SMC gateway, which work together to ... Read More
August 13, 2013admin