The SMC Gateway is a versatile appliance that enables system integrators to build customer-focused solutions without the need to install PCs and expensive software.

Each gateway is capable of multiple, simultaneous functions, including but not limited to:

  • Text messaging to and from DMR radio systems
  • Email using SMTP & IMAP services
  • Radio registration events (ARS/RRS)
  • Alert calls
  • GSM Text messaging via USB GSM Dongle
  • Telephone interconnection (Hytera DMR only, VoIP / GSM)
  • Voltage monitoring via the power input (9-15V DC)
  • Third party connectivity via TCP/UDP sockets, HTTP requests/posts, external databases and more
  • Internet of Things “IoT” integration
  • Alarm system integration

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Most importantly, the gateway provides you with a powerful flowchart-like tool to create and edit workflows that in turn convert your customers requirements into the perfect working solution.

SMC Gateway
Alarm Handling

Alarm Handler

The SMC Gateway Alarm Handler connects to any alarm system, be it fire, intruder, nurse call or other system via RS232/hard wired input



Livetrack is a fully-featured and versatile tracking solution, totally browser based, with no need for any installation or bespoke software

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Lone Worker

Lone Worker Monitoring is a customisable application built using the SMC Gateway that will automatically check the wellbeing of radio users when they need it the most


Telephone Interconnect

The SMC Gateway Teleconnect connects your digital radio system to any available telephone connection, whether this is GSM, VOIP or VSAT

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Application Builder

The advanced application builder provides you with a set of powerful tools to create and edit workflows, allowing you to convert your customers needs into the perfect solution

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SMC Gateway Video - Make Radio Smarter

SMC Gateway

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